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International Raw Food Day!!!!

Union Square Farmers Markets in NYC-
the best apples I have EVER tasted!
This Wednesday 11th July is 'International Raw Food Day'! For those of you who know me, I have a strong passion for the raw vegan movement and all its fresh, vibrant produce brimming with life! A wonderful raw vegan advocate is a woman called Karen Knowler who runs a raw food coaching company in the UK. Last year she launched International Raw Food Day and has put out a whole heap of info for people who are interested. The premise is for anyone and everyone to GO RAW for one day, that day being the 11th of July and to see how easy and awesome it actually is! Many people unknowingly consume vegan and raw foods without realising such as guacamole, salsa, fresh juices etc. and her one day guide proves just how easy and yummy it is to embrace even one day of raw food goodness. I really truly encourage you to check out her site and download the go raw for a day guide. And commit to it! It is one day out of your life and if you don't like it at least you tried but hopefully it encourages you to open a new door and maybe this one day extends to one day every week raw vegan...
Here is the link peeps:
If you click on the go raw for a day link it should take you straight to an email link for your FREE guide YAY!

If you are still reading and haven't jumped into your car racing red lights to the nearest McDonalds lets talk raw live vegan food a lil bit =)
It has been a step by step journey for me to go raw, as it was a step by step journey for me to go vegan in the years preceding that, and by no means am I exclusively or dogmatically one way of eating - I merely chose this way because I feel good when I do so! I try to listen to my body and respond to it accordingly and I also believe that if a meal is prepared with love by those who serve it to you that is a precious gift. So if someone serves me a food I may not usually prepare for myself but it is handmade with such care, time, and love then I believe that food will still nourish me as I digest those beautiful thoughts that went into its preparation. As such I am not 100% raw because I know that my mindset, being the way it is, if I went 100% one way or another it would come from a competitive and negatively controlling thoughtform as opposed to an all accepting and loving one. So I instead try to focus on the amazing energy eating raw gives me and use that as a guide to choose the meals I do, rather than a set of rules to live by.

If you strip it right back eating your fruits and vegetables mostly in their raw state really does make sense - we want to absorb the most nutrients and life force from everything we intake right? And the shelves of every chemist are packed with vitamin supplements to help us increase that uptake of nutrients even further. So what about if we just eat these amazing vegetables in their freshest form? Surely that means that the most nutrition is intact in that present state? And we can bypass all the extra pills! So by consuming our leafy greens in their brightest green and crispiest form we are giving our bodies the gift of life. We are squeezing as much goodness out of those vegies as we possibly can.
And once you try this - the energy your body receives is amazing. After eating mainly raw for even a few weeks many people feel a huge difference in their energy levels, digestion, they are more alert, the colours of life are more vibrant, and as a result you start to really notice and appreciate all that goes into bringing those foods to your kitchen and table. And it really can't be boring because look at all the amazing colours at your disposal! When you plate up a meal that is filled with reds, purples, greens, and yellows that bounce right off the plate your senses are totally stimulated on all counts!

You don't have to change your whole life in one day, so how about just taking it slow and maybe just adding some fresh leafy greens to your next meal, using zucchini instead of pasta, adding a handful of greens to your smoothie, or chopping up some raw carrots and celery to have with your hommus?
Green leafy vegies in particular are extremely alkalising and you will find that most vegetables in their natural state are also. In opposition, all animal meats, dairy, sugars, processed foods are extremely acidic. And as acidic overload on our systems in known to be the root of many western diseases, it makes sense to add as many alkalising foods as we can to right this imbalance.

If you research raw food on the internet you will find a plethora of raw food recipes that are full of 'superfoods' and 300 cups of nuts, and actually contain very few veggies in them. They have their place too but are overwhelming. Eating raw simply means eating LIVE, so put those recipes aside and simply focus on eating as many LIVE and WHOLEFOODS as you can! Try to choose unprocessed versions of foods and eat as close as possible to it's natural state. Easy right?

California, Green Juice, Sunshine
Loving life =)

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