Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The need to be... What?

Why do we divide ourselves into a 'new' self and an 'old' self and constantly feel the need to reinvent and restart even better than before? 
Why do we judge our old selves as if they were not good enough and hard to relate to? 
We are all on a journey through this life and as a result are constantly evolving and changing and that is awesome and definitely something to be celebrated but the self we are changing from should be celebrated just as much as that self is who we learn from. And unless we are committing acts against humanity we really have no reason to place a negative label upon ourselves and pressure ourselves to change because of unworthiness. 
It makes me sad and frustrated to feel a division between our evolving selves from the past. Because ultimately we are the same being, right? 
So whether we are a painter or a plumber, 6ft tall or 4ft short, wearing evening gowns or tracksuits we feel the same emotions right? 
Therefore we have no right to beat ourselves up for being either or. No right to judge ourselves for choosing a certain path because we are no greater or no less because of that decision. And that means that we will feel the guilt and hurt we inflict upon ourselves just as much whether we are 4ft or 6ft. We will feel the love and joy of life just as much. Certainly there are times in our lives when we feel the joy or the sadness greater overwhelming one another but I don't believe that is a result of whether we are a painter or a plumber. That is an external circumstance. Those choices come about because of an internal shift. Whether we are enjoying or resenting ourselves in this life is not dependant upon our external circumstances but rather a result of a decision we make to either shift our view on ourselves or our environment. We become healthy and happy not by merely exercising every day and eating salads but because we find a deeper purpose and connection within ourselves to life. We make a decision to contribute to something greater. So we are exercising not to look good in a bikini but instead to have more energy and strength in life to fulfil anything we set our minds to doing. So we can laugh and play with children. So we can walk along the beach and really appreciate the colours of the sunset. So we can wake up each morning with an excitement for everything the day will bring. 

And so, if our 'old' selves are the catalyst for these changes that bring hope and joy, then surely we can't berate and undermine them, because we need them to show us the way into the light. Without them we wouldn't appreciate all that we have achieved. We would have no benchmark. 
So I want to celebrate each and every part of myself. Because I am whole. I am made of dark and light. I am old and new and I accept every part of myself. I truly believe it is so incredibly important for all of us to start acknowledging ourselves. Because when you start talking to yourself with love and care you realise how often you actually do the opposite. Now, more than ever. We are coming into an amazing time and we all need to start seeing ourselves for the amazing human beings we are. Look at yourself in the mirror and send yourself infinite love and gratitude. You will feel silly, guaranteed, I do! But keep saying it, keep telling yourself and eventually you will believe it. Let's bridge the gap between old and new and just choose to accept ourselves today =)

One of my favourite songs, enjoy!

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