Sunday, 3 February 2013

Rainy day = soul searching apparently...

We are constantly being given opportunities. Opportunities to make choices. To learn and grow. Even when life may seem stagnant it is constantly ebbing and flowing. And so in the spirit of moving forward...
I ask to have the strength to always show my true self to the world - yucky or beautifully shiny, empty or full.
I ask to have the courage to truly express myself and all my parts in technicolour. The black, white, and grey, as well as the vivid fuchsias and aquamarines.

I believe in fairies - that we all have wings =)
I believe in psychics and the supernatural - that we all should ask for guidance and keep an open mind about our own potential.
I believe in many things that seem weird to others and I know others believe in many things that seem weird to me.
I believe in a greater good, a power that guides us and encourages us into the light.
I believe in karma.
I believe that our thoughts are the most powerful tools we have. They truly are superpowers and we can use them to create our ultimate paradise or darkness. 
I believe that we create our own abundance and that the term 'power' has gained a negative connotation unjustly. We are all powerful beyond measure and need to stop giving that away to others to control.
I believe that there is good in everyone.
I believe that man, plant, animal, rock, spirit all share this planet EQUALLY and so we all need to acknowledge each others place in this world with reverence.
I believe that we have been blessed with such an amazing vessel to move through our journey on Earth and that we must choose a lifestyle that nurtures this vessel and treats it with the respect it deserves.
I believe it starts with surrendering and moves through to acceptance.
I believe that asking for help is sometimes the hardest thing you have to do... but once you admit that, it flies to you with ease and speed.
I believe in me and I believe in you.

And for a bit of inspiration check out this gallery of work by photographer Kirsty Mitchell from the UK. Her story is amazing and the shots are breathtaking!
Enjoy x

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