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One of my core beliefs in life, the subtle undercurrent of it all – is our mind body connection.

It rumbles underneath us, quietly weaving in and out of our consciousness and sometimes VERY LOUDLY PULLING at our conscious to remind us all is entwined.

One of the simplest ways of looking at the body mind connection is observing a common feeling like nervousness. When we are nervous about an impending adventure we often talk about having ‘butterflies in our stomachs’ or get jittery feet or hands. So let’s break it down – we have a thought or an emotional response to something, and our brain turns that into an actual physical sensation we can feel in the present.

To me it feels like a way of working through things. If we let something linger too long in our thoughts or repeat a line of perception regularly our mind becomes overwhelmed and in order to release these patterns a little seed plants in our physical body and if we continue to feed this with the same patterns of thinking this seed will grow roots and manifest in a physical sensation – usually of pain, tightness, causing injury or illness. Our body is fluid and can move with grace and beauty so when this pain comes along we have the opportunity to recognise it, trace it back to its conception in order to release and relax it, or we can choose to battle through, ignore it, and those roots will grow stronger and deeper still.

One of my other favourites is a cold/flu. Both are a build up of fluid and mucous in the body (stuffy nose and head, runny eyes, throat). Water is linked to our emotions and is naturally moving. We may be working long hours at work, feeling like no one is giving us a break, and that we are stuck against a wall. We often say ‘I just need some time out!’ It is in those times that we end up with a cold or flu because we feel that we cannot justify time out for ourselves unless we are ill. The extra fluid in our bodies allows us to cry and release all those pent up frustrations and also when we are sick we are more likely to allow ourselves to be nurtured instead of battling through.

Our bodies are so much smarter than we give them credit for – they recognise diseased thoughts in our mind often long before we do and decide to bring them to our attention so we can learn and grow and continue to be awesome in this life. So listen to your body, it will always give you all the information you need. It does not judge or act out of malice, it merely responses to the food and fuel you give it- mental and physical food.

Sometimes our bodies just need to be recognised. All they want is for us to stop, take a moment to send them some lurve, and acknowledge all that they provide for us as we travel through life. If you are feeling pain or illness, instead of beating yourself up about it, thinking how you could have prevented it, or pretending it is invisible - take some big deep beautiful breaths and reconnect. To you. To all that you are right now. Let go of the fight and love yourself :) 

 If you are interested I highly recommend the work of Louise L. Hay. ALL of her work :) One of my other favourites is a book called ‘The Secret Language of Your Body’ by Inna Segal.

Listen, take time for yourself to go within, and love your body and all its pain because it is showing you the path to healing!
Namaste wonderful people

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  1. Allyce I love this post. Just the reminder I needed X


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