Sunday, 8 January 2012


Sometimes you just feel BLAH. There is no one thing in particular that makes you feel that way, it is just as if today Mr Sunshine is there but you are seeing him through double glazed lenses so the sensations of life are all a bit hazy. I went to bed the other night feeling this way and somehow it lingered through to poke its head out the next morning.

I opened my windows to find that it was a full moon that night which always sends me a bit kooky in one way or another hehe. But for whatever reason, for that day, I'm not so easily amused/inspired/joyful and I'm a somewhat duller version of my usual self.

It's ok not to be happy all the time. Remember that movie Pleasantville? Set in the 50's, it starts off in black and white with the typical happy go lucky nuclear family with smiles pasted on at all times. However, it is not until the characters start to truly feel the lows as well as the highs- the anger, frustration, despair in opposition to the elation, excitement, and joy- that the movie takes on technicolour and springs to life on the screen.

My beautiful Mama is always reminding to simply let go and be in my "down" moods. She encourages me to cry, to talk, and to feel the feelings. That way they move, they shift, and hopefully leave us a bit quicker.

Because let's face it we don't live in a utopia - I have tried living as a shiny bright flower and I always end up crashing big time, IT DOES NOT WORK! Although, this is an ongoing lesson for me and for many of you I'm sure... We are encouraged to persevere, to jump up and run back into battle. But why would you go into a battle with armour that has holes and is frayed and torn?

If you are having a BLAH day, leave your expectations for yourself alone for the day. Just let yourself be. Be gentle, kind, and for that day just sit and accept yourself warts and all.

And I know it is easier said than done but if you just sit with yourself and be present in your not so joyful mood, one morning you will wake up to find you have moved through to the other side and life is a few shades lighter.

I write all of this because I need the constant reminding as well! This is not an easy lesson to learn but hey at least we are all in this life together =)

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