Monday, 30 January 2012

Taste the flavour sensations!

How often do you actually, really, taste a mouthful of food? Have you ever stopped and actually TASTED every single flavour rolling around your mouth?
Often that is a bit impossible as there is so much going on flavour wise in our foods that we just chew and swallow and get the overall gist.
We cover every part of our meal with something else - salad is drenched in a creamy dressing, stir fries in a shiny glaze, even fruit has added sweeteners such as ice cream and choc syrups...

I challenge you to take your food back to simplicity, even if it's just one meal.

Instead of reaching for that caesar dressing, add a little olive oil, balsamic, lemon juice and let the sweetness of the vegies shine and that crisp fresh texture roll around your mouth.

Look around the supermarket for some of Mother Nature's most treasured gifts like a juicy mango, ripe pineapple, sweet papaya, or red strawberry. Take them home, cut them up and present it beautifully on your plate. Take you time to make your food look appealing and appetising and then you don't need to add anything else because it already looks beautiful!
Take your plate outside or sit by the window and bite into each piece of fruit and let the flavour fill you. Find the subtle differences between each fruit and bite. Tell your brain to please be quiet and stop judging and just let yourself enjoy it.

Or even better - go back to the freedom of childhood and throw away all airs and graces... and cutlery =) Take that mango, cut in halves, lean over the sink, and eat it with your hands! Let the juice drip down your chin and make sure you suck the pip dry baby!!!!

We have so much in life to be grateful for, and near the top of the list is the beautiful bounty we have been provided for by the Earth beneath our feet. Try thanking your food before you eat it, it doesn't have to be out loud if you feel silly hehe, just acknowledge internally that you give thanks for the abundance in your life that allows you to have the choice of what to eat, and that the choice you have is as varied and creative as you want it to be. 

Slow down, and take note of what you are feeding your body. Because chances are, if you are feeding your body foods that are less than, you are also feeding your body thoughts that are less than...


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