Sunday, 19 February 2012


I often use the word 'Surrender' as a kind of mantra for myself - it reminds me to be present in the moment, to lay aside all expectation and judgement of how things are 'supposed' to be and simply live for whatever and whoever I am right now. It especially helps me in yoga, when often I arrive on my mat with a gazillion thoughts zipping around my head and if I tell them to kindly buzz off that only makes the buzzing louder =)

However, it occurred to me today how the word Surrender has so many different meanings and connotations in our society. Historically, the word surrender can actually seem quite negative -as in an army surrendering and giving up to the other side, or a surrender to the defeat against a stronger force.
So often, we walk around with the idea of surrendering being a last resort, something we arrive at after we have pushed and exhausted all our other options.

What a tough expectation and burden to hang over our shoulders! It's quite sad really to think of how many beautiful people out there are fighting to keep a job, a home, a relationship, a lifestyle, even though they are unhappy because the idea of surrendering to their true feelings or to the uncertainty of life is seen as the ultimate failure and defeat!

I have come to see the word surrender as much more than that. Rather than the ultimate defeat, it is the ultimate act of courage! It takes alot to actually let go and accept what life is going to bring you, especially when we have no idea of what that could be! When we are at a crossroads and have difficulty making a decision, sometimes the most courageous and liberating thing we can do is simply surrender to what is. Just surrender to this one day, to only what is right in front of you, and let the rest go.

I guess surrendering is all about letting go of control isn't it? If we let go of the need to control, we allow the world to work its magic =)

And most of the time, it is remembering to surrender to the little things - to surrender to the moment of a person holding up the queue, to surrender to getting caught in the rain, to surrender to not being occupied every second of every minute - because maybe in that moment of surrender and in-between I will witness a smile on the face of a child or catch a laugh with a stranger - something I would have missed by being caught in my own head!

One of my fav songs by the one and only India Arie xxx

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