Thursday, 1 March 2012


Today I visited MacRitchie Reservoir here in Singapore, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting this fair city. It's only 15min out of the city but for those few hours walking through its trails you are transported light years away from the chaos and bustle of the city. There are times when you look up and can only see glimpses of the sky and sun peeking through the rainforest canopy, when all you can hear are the cicadas singing to their mates, and all you feel is the physical act of walking. Meditative =)

I've got to give it to Singapore - even though the streets are busy and people are walking around attached to each and every piece of technology available, it is certainly green! The climate is perfect for lush tropical plants and all you need to do is escape to one of the many parks scattered throughout the island to reconnect and ground once more.

And as I was walking along staring at the leaves littered among the ground it occurred to me that the brown "dead" leaves lie right alongside the green grass and plants all around them. In fact, they add compost and help create moist and fertile ground for new plants to shoot through. So all the parts of ourselves we consider "waste" and "old" have such an important function - paving the way for the bright, tender, new shoots to burst through! The leaves are just as living as we are and if their purposes are so cyclical and intrinsically connected, as too are ours. It is so necessary for us to shed the thoughts, mentalities, and habits that no longer serve us well so we have the space to see the sunshine and allow it to shine on our beautiful new parts. It can be a literal or a physical journey of release - writing down all that you wish to release and maybe burning the paper, or going for a swim in the cleansing ocean and letting go of old ways through the water washing them away, or walking through the rainforest and with each step letting go and walking forward into the new. But then we must recognise that those parts we are releasing have served us a wonderful purpose and although we must now let them go, they were created because we needed them at the time. Rather than an ending being sad or angry, it is beautiful as it means we have grown and progressed to a new place and we are ready to continue further on our journey. It is a celebration of self and all you have achieved simply by living on this planet.

You know, before I sat down to write this blog I spoke to one of my friends in the dressing room about how I didn't have an inspiration... And as soon as I sat down at the keyboard the words simply flowed and it appears I do have an inspiration! Maybe we always have inspiration and we just need to give ourselves the opportunity and the space to let it be seen! 

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