Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Just the word conjures up so many emotions, thoughts, even physical reactions. Note how you react to that word. Do you unconsciously touch a part of your body? Do you feel anxiety in you stomach? Do you put up a defence barrier energetically? In my mind, it is hard to see the word 'perfect' as a positive. It implies we must be complete and whole in every aspect of our life and selves and seeing as that is pretty much impossible it also then implies that we are imperfect right now.

This idea of the constant strive for perfection surely must be wired in our brains and bodies - humanity has always been filled with a hierarchy, good vs bad, and a system by which we are judged by others or even by ourselves. Perfection in the physical body - which lets face it is really hard to avoid with all the magazines and billboards everywhere we turn, perfection in the mental body - being judged by your grades and sales quotas...
And even turning to the alternative and spiritual circles - so many people worship gurus and leaders and mould themselves in their image to attain 'enlightenment'. Perfection exists up in the clouds, at the top of the climb and out of our reach.

And do you know who creates that climb? You. If you really wanted you could keep that climb for perfection in whatever way going your whole life. You might say that your teacher or boss keeps you always on the backburner struggling to achieve your goal, but really it is ourselves who are creating that climb and set of goalposts or limitations. What if you have achieved your goal already? Right now? What if you woke up tomorrow at the top of the summit? Would you feel elated and proud? Probably not. Instead I imagine I would create a whole list of reasons as to how I had 'cheated' or find a way to play down that success.

Sure it is healthy and a part of human nature to have a goal and something to work towards but the issue becomes when we are judging ourselves based on the achievement of that goal. When we deem ourselves worthy by having perfect abs, or perfect A grades, or even making the perfect chocolate cake. We ideally should celebrate ourselves and nurture ourselves towards the beauty we find in our goals and their success but somehow along the way it turns negative and we lose sight of the reasons behind making our goals in the first place. So when we reach a stumbling block and lose control of the situation instead of laughing at the twists and turns and realising we are learning as much in this stumble as we are in the goal itself, we berate ourselves, feel guilt, and judge ourselves unworthy of setting the goal in the first place.

My heart hurts so much to think of all the beautiful family and friends in my life thinking less of themselves and missing out on their true potential and light! If a friend told you they were planning to climb Mt Everest, no matter how insane the goal, you would most likely support their wacky ideas and help them achieve success - so why do we shut ourselves down in the blink of an eye?

And because this 'perfection gene' is so deeply ingrained in society it is a biggie to try and shift in yourself. Be patient, be kind, and start with small moments of acceptance of yourself for who you are today. Ground yourself into your real self, not the perfect far off version (who frankly is not as awesome and eclectic as your now self anyway...) and unleash your awesomeness on the world!

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  1. Indeed, the virtually unquenchable thirst and strive for perfection may put us all in unhealthy states of discontent. An obsession with perfection directly opposes one's quest for happiness and self-fulfilment. Continuously climbing toward perfection can no doubt lead to a turbulence of disappointment and low self-esteem. Perfection is an inherently flawed concept as it represents an impossible ideal; the state of flawlessness is not a human possibility. Yet, the state of desiring perfection is only human. How paradoxical!
    This is a very inspiring post, especially the last paragraph! :) 'I am flawed, but I am myself, and that makes me happy' should be our life motto :)


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