Friday, 23 March 2012

A Must See

Today I watched the documentary "Hungry for Change". You may have heard about it as they have done some REALLY good marketing to promote the film, especially across facebook. It is made by the same team as the doco Food Matters and features interviews from many highly regarded health and nutrition people.

If you are looking to make a change or inspire yourself to become more aware of what you choose in your life I recommend tuning in to watch the film - as always, you will only take out of it what you are ready to hear. Don't force yourself and spend the 90mins fighting with the people on the screen as then you are only creating a negative response in yourself. Remember that everyone has their opinions and you don't always need to agree but recognise that there is truth in all and that the issues they raise in this doco are very real and scientifically valid and supported.

The best part about watching these type of films is that they plant the seed of change within you - maybe that change will take 3 days to take root, maybe 3 years, but subconsciously you are opening up to more possibilities by doing yourself the favour of seeking out this knowledge. As the film finished I found myself immediately going out to savour a fresh green vege juice and galloping through the supermarket with a basket full of fresh vegies to whip up for dinner =) And the best part is - it wasn't a 'chore' to eat the 'good' stuff, my mind and body made that decision for me and I was actually craving all those yummy wholefoods!

One of my favourite parts of the film was when they spoke about diets not working - this is something I feel so strongly about. I strongly dislike the use of the word diet and prefer 'way of living' or 'lifestyle choice'. Because a diet implies starvation, it conjures up failure, short term goals, and worst of all it makes you feel you are depriving yourself. I like to think that if I told myself I was going on a chocolate diet and I was in no way allowed to eat anything but I would feel deprived because of the use of the word CAN'T and even though I was eating a 'naughty' food like chocolate the treat of it would lose all meaning and instead the focus would go onto everything else you are not allowed. You need to discover the reasons behind WHY you make the choices you do, and make those choices holistically so that you involving all parts of your life being mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and then the changes will stick. Our mind plays a much greater role than we realise - I believe everything starts with a thought and all physical matters manifest from our thoughts and emotions. So if we can shift our awareness and start opening up to new thoughts and positive beliefs about ourselves it becomes so much easier to create and live a life you want to live.

I think it is so important for everyone to ask questions. We take so much for granted as we are spoonfed so much in our culture. Spoonfed what to watch, listen to, look like, eat like... And then when we go to the supermarket shelves we simply take items off the shelves without knowing what we are actually eating! We take medication from the doctor without knowing where it came from or what it is actually doing to us! We try to lose weight not for our own health and wellbeing but because other people and magazines say we should!

It's time for everyone to stop and take stock. Start loving yourself, start asking yourself what you can do to bring the best to this life and how you can educate yourself to help others around you as well.

If you have the time (and if you don't then you might need to reassess your priorities in life hehe) please watch this film. It is available free to watch online until the end of March. Here is the link:

Much love to you all and happy discoveries!

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