Saturday, 23 March 2013

Life is... good?

It is at times when life is hard and tumultuous that we search for meaning. I notice that I tend to journal as a cathartic experience and as a way to re-inspire and nurture my inner being again, and don't get me wrong, I think that is extremely useful and an amazing tool... but what about when life is good? We document our rollercoaster moments and our searches for meaning but do we sit down and just word vomit when life is amazing?

For the last week I have been itching to get back into writing and have had a lot of things come up that I could use to work through on this blog but when I sat down today to start I found that those issues had passed over and today I felt... good! Which confused me... what should I write about? Go back a few days to the tests and trials of the past few weeks? So I messaged my love saying "Life is good, waiting for inspiration about what to write about..." And to which he so eloquently replied that perhaps I had already answered my own question of what to write about...
Goodness! Why can't I simply be inspired by the goodness in life? I am always searching for meaning, to be better, brighter, the fullest version of myself - but what if I'm there right now? Do you tell the people you are around how good your life is? How beautiful they are and how inspiring the opportunities are in your life at the moment? Your immediate response to that question may be that you are not inspired and feel stuck but I guarantee you that there are still moments of beauty surrounding you. It doesn't have to be large. I just ate a fantastic slice of raw vegan hazelnut cake. That, my friends, was a thing of beauty and I am so grateful to be able to nourish and nurture my good good self with that treat =)

What if we had a whole day of smiling? What if every single person we met was genuine and warm and honest? You know what, I think we would freak out. There is a certain disbelief when life is working out for us... Certainly it can't last, can it? Well, honestly, probably not, but I think that is the best part! Because if life did 'work' all the time then we wouldn't have any appreciation. We wouldn't continue striving and learning. Yes, we would be 'happy', but there wouldn't really be any reason for us to progress from baby to child to adolescent to adult to elderly!
So my question to you is: Do you take notice of and document the good stuff as well as the bad? Do you thank for moments of joy in your life? Do you share yourself with others when you are full and bright or only ask for help and lean on them in moments of trial?

We are always being offered opportunities to learn and to share ourselves with others. But we very rarely share our whole selves. And I think that means sharing the dark AND the light. Acknowledging and accepting when life is tough, yes, but also acknowledging and accepting when life is AWESOME. That you have created that awesomeness in your life and trusting that as long as you believe you are worth it, you will continue to create a full and vibrant life. It will come and go, but it will always be there for you to access, as you deserve happiness. You deserve every single great moment. You deserve every great person. You deserve greatness.

How are you today? Share it, journal it, let the world see the whole version of you. And make sure you also share the GOOD! Call your family, friends, cat, whatever, and love them! Really take notice of all the things in your life that bring you peace and joy and note them down so you have tools to help you as you go along life's many pitfalls.

Wishing you much love and light =)

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