Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What is your intention?

I have just returned home from a trip overseas where I undertook my first yoga teacher training. It was such an incredible, mind-expanding experience out in the lush green and isolated mountains of Spain, that as I travelled home I wondered whether I would be able to incorporate and integrate everything I had learnt and experienced about myself into my everyday life in the 'real world' with its habits, hustle and bustle, and multi-tasking...

As I sat at a cafe with two of my closest friends yesterday morning and listened to them talk about setting intentions, creating a life of awareness and freedom for ourselves I got so emotional as I realised that I am already surrounded by people who support and nurture all the ideals that I want to create in my life. Of course I will be able to continue my journey of self-discovery and nourishment back in Sydney because I have chosen such an inspirational group of people who are nearest and dearest to me.

No matter where you are in the world, whether you are by yourself or in a city of millions, make the choice to only include people who encourage you to be the brightest version of yourself. Don't let anyone dim your light. Why shouldn't you shine as brightly as possible? Really though, why not? What's stopping you?

And as I did my practice that afternoon I kept musing on the thoughts of intentions... At the beginning of a yoga class we often set an intention for our practice. It may be to fly free, to find balance, to surrender, to energise...

Let's look at carrying that idea into our everyday life. Waking up and acknowledging that today is a NEW day, and so setting an intention that encourages you to create peace in your heart. Intention brings about awareness. When we become aware, we notice our habitual thinking, our habitual movements, our habitual physicalities. And from there we are able to make a choice. To step outside, view life with a certain detachment, and then find contentment in all that is around us. Even if your intention is to take a 30min walk outside, or laugh at least 5 times today, by following that you are taking ownership of your life and your right to find happiness.
When we are aware, we make decisions based on the now. We are present, in the moment-  which lets face it, doesn't happen as often in this day and age!!!

I think one of the biggest changes in my lifestyle while I was away was that I was focusing on ONE task. That was no small task by any means, but I was in a group of strong bright women and we were all committed to this one goal and in that we had a community of support and our energies unified. I know we had the benefit of isolation and removal from our usual lives but can we find that focus in everyday life when we return from our time away? Can we rise to that challenge?

If I set my intention to be present, to live for this very moment, not for what may come before or after, that could help right?

So my intention for today is simply to be here. To trust that life is unfolding as it should be and commit to the now. With every fibre of my being I want to release the need to achieve a certain number of things by dinner time in order to feel self-worth and instead my self-worth to come from who I am RIGHT NOW =)

Intention Creates Awareness.

Let's be aware. Because once we are aware of our own movements on this earth, we can start to connect to others and become aware of how our thoughts and choices AFFECT this earth.

Love and Light to All!

P.S. I want to add as a footnote that I started writing this blog yesterday when I was in a space of peace, clarity, and contentment. Today however I awoke to emotions washing all around and through me, taking me on a seesaw through my day. I stuck to my intention and let those feelings be, let them move through me knowing that I was still ok and on the right path. And amazingly enough, by this afternoon my path has crossed with so many people who lit that fire within me once more and I have been given little green lights by these conversations to help me follow my goals! I love it when we unknowingly create opportunities for ourselves to actually 'walk our talk' right??? Haha

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