Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Saucha who???? Saucha what you say????

I'll leave you hanging on that for a little, while I start at the beginning of this story =)

As I went to bed last night I asked the angels for a sign, a message, whatever really, to be shown to me in my dreams as I slept. What resulted were some pretty crazy dreams which I have not yet deciphered... hehe... however I do vividly remember teaching people about the word 'Saucha' in one of these dreams. 

So when I woke up I grabbed my copy of Patanjali's yoga sutras off the shelf and leafed through to find the sutra in which he talks about Saucha. For those of you who didn't just finish their yoga teacher training... hehehe... saucha is one of the 'niyamas'. The niyamas are apart of the eight limbs of yoga and are the way we relate to ourselves in this world. (If you are interested I definitely encourage you to do a smart google on these niyamas and also yamas -the way we relate to others and the world).

Saucha can be simplestly translated as cleanliness, so I'm looking down at myself thinking cleanliness, cleanliness... what the hell kind of a message are my dreams telling me here? Is there some odour I emit that people are not telling me about? I then got distracted and went about the rest of my day (after the obligatory shower of course).

Come midday I decide to clean the bathroom and organise my room, which is nothing really new as I tend to go on cleaning binges every now and again.

That morning I had also drawn an Angel Card which hadn't really made sense to me at the time:

"What parts of my life do I need to focus on more closely right now? Thankyou for helping me hear your answers and giving me the courage to make healthy changes in my life."
Now I'm all for healthy changes but once again I didn't really grasp the full message of this card at the time...

In the afternoon I took a walk to the park and did a beautiful angel meditation that was all about surprise surprise CLEANSING AND CLEARING! Once again I had chosen this meditation completely at random without knowing what it was about prior. 

So when I finally sat down this arvo to fully research the term Saucha I realised that intuitively I had been observing this niyama all day!

Cleansing and clearing. De-cluttering. Removing everything which no longer serves you to make room for the new, bright, and light =)

Although the literal translation means cleanliness, it also means PURITY of our inner and outer body to our thoughts and actions. 

"Purity really means to live with clarity and single-pointedness. We are to remember to choose with clarity our intention. That's what saucha is really all about." - Judith Hanson Lasater. 

Every now and again the winds change and we learn new things and then need to integrate these into our bodies and spirit. But if we are chock full of old crap we have been carrying around for years there is no room for the new fresh vibrant stuff. Releasing and clearing is so important because it allows us the space to find ourselves. Room to search and explore and uncover. When our physical surroundings are clear our mental state also reflects that clarity. But much more than that, we are able to see truth and thus purity in ourselves and others with that clarity. 

Upon my google travels today I also stumbled upon these articles on an astrology website about the energies that have been felt at the beginning of July. If astrology resonates with you, check it out =)



Today let your inner body be bright and make the changes in your life so that your outer and inner bodies have space, buoyancy, freedom, and light!

Namaste x

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